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Avenue South Residence – FAQ & Investment Outlook

Is Avenue South Residence close to the Greater Southern Waterfront in Singapore?

Avenue South Residence will appreciate an extraordinary change that is occurring at the Southern piece of Singapore. There will be an expansion in labor force and populace. The astounding change will add an incentive around the bequest. It will be an incredible open door for property speculators to anticipate.

Arranged in District 3, the improvement is close to the Central Business District and Orchard Shopping Belt, permitting families to appreciate the bunch of Singapore’s first class shopping encounters.

Future occupants will appreciate the staggering perspectives on the Greater Southern Waterfront and Singapore city horizon. Inside strolling distance to Outram Park MRT station and different bus stations close by, the apartment suite is likewise encircled by respectable schools which incorporates Zhangde Primary School, CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent and some more.

Eating choices are likewise strategically placed close by, going from bistros and bistros along Tanjong Pagar Road, Amoy Street and Mosque Street, to nearby seller food at Tanjong Pagar Market and Food Center, Maxwell Food Center and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

What is the value gauge of Avenue South Residence in Singapore?

Avenue South Residence is a private townhouse that is arranged in the Outram Park area and gloats with perspectives on the southern locale of Singapore.

The townhouse is situated at the ideal setting for anybody searching for a solitary room, to up to six-room condos.

The townhouse is viewed as the ideal area for either the individuals who are searching for a calm, amicable climate and neighborhood or for the individuals who have groups, all things considered. The Avenue South Residence additionally offers a scope of pleasantries, including a library, schools close by, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Taking into account that this improvement offers fantastic purchases in an unprecedented area, selling costs contrast somewhere in the range of $2000 and $2300psf, all relying upon the sizes and lofts. Avenue South Residence’s TOP will be 2023-2024 and will change as per changes made to the turn of events.

The estimating of Avenue South Residence depends on a choice of various variables, which incorporates lawful costs, advancement costs, development costs, authoritative costs, commissions, and then some.

The estimation of the Avenue South Residence site all in all, and sold per space/condo, is considered to increment generously with time, as it is arranged in an appeal territory.

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The Avenir Condo – Recovery from COVID-19

Truly, the world has been taken aback and is in a standstill because of the COVID-19 virus. Meanwhile, the counting is ongoing in countries and virtually all countries in the world have a recorded case. It has taken a toll on the world economy, as businesses including the real estate industry have been crippled. However, with countries on the course of relaxing total lockdown, it is imperative to find out some important information about real estate investment during the pandemic.

Reference: theavenircondo.sg/

1. Firstly, the stocks market has recorded a fall by over 1000 points. However, few real estate developers are still in business.

For instance, The Avenir condo earlier closed their showrooms till early June. Meanwhile, they have opened it but are only operating virtually. Information kits, tours of the condominium, and booking of visits are done online. Investors who wish to visit the showroom physically must adhere to the prescribed precautions. More so, Avenir developers have implemented strict social distancing and crowd control.

2. Negative impacts on commerce

Commercial Real Estate has been slammed by the pandemic. It all started in Asia, and the impact is widely spread in big cities of the Asian continent. People are locking up their shops and malls and everyone has retraced to their homes.

3. Workers in retail shops have been laid off while some are placed on temporary retrenchment. People are no longer allowed to spend time in Hotels and restaurants, but some restaurants now resort to delivering their meals directly at the doorsteps of their customers. However, travel bans are still in place, the towns and tourists places are isolated. More so, companies are not offering sales. This has forced them to refuse to pay their workers, as they are trying to figure out how they will pay their rents.

4. Businesses are seeking for rent waiver

Owners of business enterprises are soliciting for real estate brokers to waive their rents. Certainly, their business needs support and they are looking out for rent relief packages. Restaurant owners association in Singapore has already solicited the landlords of restaurants and shopping malls to cut down the rents for the next three months by 50%. The market is becoming messier and it is becoming more difficult to achieve sales. Meanwhile, some business owners have been lucky to be given flexible rent packages and marketing assistance.

5. Residential real estate has been affected

A lot of people believe that the pandemic has no effect on residential real estate. Meanwhile, the effects are massive because people are afraid of investing in the residential sector of real estate. People are uncertain about the future and the trend in the economy. The number of home buyers has reduced; this is not strange owing to the fear that comes with the pandemic.

6. More so, the real estate economy has been greatly brutalized by this surge. Everyone is pinned to their homes and investors are worried over what to do to save the alarming situation. Taking a peep into the surge, it is glaring that owners of real estate properties have been affected. Malls, shops, churches, hotels, mosques are empty!

7. Opportunities are usually created in the midst of uncertainties. Already, a plethora of real estate agents is rushing to include their properties in the market list knowing that rents will definitely expire. People with existing mortgages are likely to achieve the refinancing of their loans while also negotiating to get the best mortgaging deals.

8. In the meantime, a plethora of business owners is struggling to remain in business.

In Singapore, some restaurants and malls are trying to open up and operate on a low key despite the pandemic. The number of buyers is extremely low. They have lost a lot, but they strive to recoup theirs loses by harnessing various channels for their product delivery. A lot of business owners are leveraging on social media marketing. Some restaurants have forged relationships with hospitals, Nurses and doctors. They have started supplying food directly to patients and health workers. At the moment, there is massive uncertainty in the rent industry as shop owners are struggling to save enough amount of money to renew their rents.

9. It would be best if estate investors used strategies that provide the highest dividends. It is pertinent to note that in real estate, profits are accrued when a property is purchased. Going memory lane, it is true that people sell off their properties at cheap rates during times of distress and fear. You should be on the lookout to buy prudently during this pandemic. Try and review the deals that were too expensive in the past, as there might be an opportunity for you to buy at your desired rate during the pandemic. The pricing cycles are going down, so you should identify such assets and invest.

10. The COVID-19 pandemic has reaffirmed that no one can really predict the direction of the real estate market. Uncertainties such as the pandemic can stifle the industry. At this juncture, the whole world is still waiting for a vaccine. Investors in real estate, buyers and sellers are waiting eagerly for the cure before resuming business. No one is pessimistic here, but everyone should be prepared for the worst. The recession is gathering momentum and assets could easily become liabilities during this pandemic.

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Amber Park Condo in Singapore – A Investment Review

Where is Amber Park in Singapore found?

Amber Park’s actual location is 14 Amber Gardens, in Singapore. The property’s postal code is 439960, and its workplaces’ working hours are from 9 am to 8 pm.

Amber Park is a Freehold rent private apartment suite improvement, which is arranged along the Amber Road, and leads straightforwardly to the Tanjong Katong Road. Amber Park has a perspective on the ocean and Coast Park, subsequently why it is amazingly simple to find.

The site’s perspectives additionally incorporate eminent perspectives not too far off every day, is secure and encircled by a lot of engaging fascination. It is only 200 meters from the Tanjong Kiting MRT Station, which gives a methods for open transportation on the doorstep of the Amber Park property.

The freehold improvement is likewise inside strolling distance to MRT, is generally, an inconceivable spot to live or to rent to different occupants and may fill in as a dependable resource for the future, especially on account of its area.

Tanjong Katong MRT is just 3 minutes from the private turn of events and will give direct admittance to the Marina continuously 2023, subsequently one more motivation behind why this advancement is viewed as a fantastic contribute, particularly for what’s to come.

Where do I discover the floor plans of Amber Park in Singapore?

Amber Park is a Freehold rent private apartment suite advancement that is arranged close by Amber Road. Amber Park is a private improvement that prompts Tanjong Katong Road and is mutually claimed CDL and Hong Realty.

The private advancement offers stunning lodging choices to occupants living in Singapore who might either want to buy a home for themselves or put resources into a home for others to rent.

The improvement offers mind-blowing highlights, for example, perspectives on the ocean and East Coast Park. It is likewise arranged just 200 meters from the Tanjong Katong MRT Station, offering much more comfort to occupants.

Amber Park’s design and Condominium site have a double view advantage. To access an extravagant loft, you should act quick, as there are restricted accessible. There are likewise no extra structures accessible after the Chinese Swimming Club.

For more data on Amber Park and to audit floor plans, you can reach them on their site, Amber Park, or register for an early review on the web. Amber Park floor plans range from one-room lofts and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Upon enrollment, clients will be educated about new floor plans being delivered on the site.

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Affinity at Serangoon – A wise investment, or no?

Where is the new Affinity at Serangoon located?

Affinity at Serangoon in Singapore is a private townhouse advancement that offers an extravagance experience to its inhabitant and fills in as a staggering venture for each one of the individuals who are keen on putting resources into it.

Affinity at Serangoon is located off the Major Road – Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, Yio Chu Kang Road.

Affinity at Serangoon is located in an exceptionally mainstream and popularity territory, and is just 2 minutes from CTE, a little ways from Hougang Avenue 3, 4 minutes from the Upper Serangoon Road, inside a 15-minute transport ride from the 3 MRT Stations, which incorporate Hougang MRT, Serangoon Interchange MRT, and AMK MRT.

Affinity at Serangoon additionally has public vehicle, which is very much associated with various pieces of the island. Aside from transport, one can likewise go for a 4-minute stroll to Serangoon North MRT Station, which will be situated on the impending Cross Island Line.

There are numerous significant centers near the Affinity at Serangoon, which incorporates the AMK Industrial Park, the Seletar Aerospace Park, the Bidadari Rejuvenation, just as a wide range of educational offices and schools. The NEX strip mall can likewise be discovered close by.

What is the value estimate of Affinity at Serangoon in Singapore?

Affinity at Serangoon is set to be an extremely popular private turn of events. A couple of reasons, along these lines, is a direct result of its location, which is at Serangoon North Avenue 1.

The land will sit on 296,913 square feet of land, and altogether, involve 1015 units. It is simply a 15 to 20-minute drive to the focal business region and Orchard Road, which is additionally associated with enormous turnpikes.

Furthermore, it is additionally near junior and secondary schools, for the accommodation of families. Other than its broad scope of civilities, its unfathomable perspectives, the advancement is additionally extremely lavish.

Up to this point, value offering has been made on the apartment suites, yet no official evaluating has been given at this point.

The price tag for Affinity at Serangoon’s territory rate is near S$835 per square foot/plot ratio (PSF PPR). There is moreover, additionally a standard scope of costs included, which are barred from the rate per square foot/plot ratio.

This incorporates development, promoting, and legitimate expenses, just as net revenues.

Dispatch costs for units have been talked about and will be anyplace somewhere in the range of 1600 and 1900psf. These costs are liable to change.

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A re-look at post-covid Singapore Real Estate Investments

The novel covid-19 has taken the whole world by storm and dragged everyone into panic-buying. Financial and investment predictions have been quashed, sending investors into a puzzling array. The pandemic has penetrated virtually all countries in the world. Businesses were put on a standstill, as movements and socializing were restricted. However, buying and selling of essential items was still invoke. Like every other sector, the real estate industry has not been left unscathed. No one can predict when this pandemic will end and when the economy will revert to normalcy.

In Singapore, a plethora of real estate investors are on the lookout for crises-buying of properties.

But, is it advisable to put your money on the line by investing in a real estate property during this wavy time when the global economy is unstable?

Affirmative! But only if you discover the real estate investments that are stable and profitable during this pandemic. Despite the ravaging effects of the pandemic, some real estate projects have showed the green light and are quite promising and profitable. For instance, the Affinity at Serangoon project, Avenue south residences project at Singapore have showed glimpses of stability and profitability. Affinity at Serangoon within the period has announced the complete sellouts of their heritage units. However, their peak and horizon choice units are still on sale.

A plethora of investors would prefer to wait and see the economic trend before buying a property. Meanwhile, buyers will be attracted to buy if the property is sold at a profitable price and at a nice location. Of course, this is applicable to resold and newly-launched properties. Singaporeans are already in the property market, as lots of developers are very sensitive to the prices of projects. Estate property companies have received massive requests from interested investors who have made enquiries about the pricing and other important information about the units. There is additional information as per the heritage, peak, and horizon units. There are updates in the prices of the various bedroom apartments in Avenue south residences.

These developers have made giant strides in securing the lives and futures of their clients. They have put the necessary precautions and preventive measures in place. They take turns in screening visitors and ensuring that they complete the health declaration form. More so, booking and other procedures are done with social distancing in mind. Customers, investors, and other consumers are organised in small groups.

Sequel to the relaxation of total lockdown in Singapore, real estate companies have adopted innovative strategies in their operations. Affinity serangoon gives room for virtual bookings, presentation of units that are on sale, pricing information’s, etc.

Customers are allowed into the facilities and showroom after booking an appointment. A showflat viewing time slot is assigned to all buyers to curb over crowding. They have efficient mechanisms for implementing contact tracing. If you intend to see these facilities, then you have to go along with your face mask.

A peep into their prices indicates the inevitability of profitability in investing in the condos at Affinity serangoon.

Certainly, economy in the post-covid world will take a different turn, and acquiring a stable property at this time will turn out to become one of the best decisions for any investor.

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